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The Best Eco-Friendly Shower Head 🚿

The Best Eco-Friendly Shower Head  🚿

The Best Eco-Friendly Shower Head 🚿

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Made to Purify, Increase Pressure, Soften & Save Water

Many drink filtered water, which is an excellent idea. Filtered water is purer, cleaner and tastier than unfiltered water. It contains virtually no impurities, chemicals, or contaminants. But what about bath and shower water? Many families bathe in unfiltered, chemical-laden water

Introducing the Lucid Ionic Filter Shower Head. Protect yourself with our immersive technology. Our shower head brings an affordable new dimension of luxury and creates a positive impact on your health that pays for itself.

Our 3 mode shower head compacts water through a two stage process, a purifying ionic filter which consists of Maifan Stones and mineral balls – delivering up to 200% more water pressure, soothing away aches, tension and mental fatigue at a 35% reduced water cost. Get that spa feeling at the comfort of your own home. 

Showering in non-filtered, chlorinated water can result in dry, irritated skin. This is because chlorine and other chemicals in the shower water strips your skin of its natural oils, making it dry and itchy. The Lucid shower helps prevent this, by filtering out the chlorine with our Maifan Stones.


Saving Water

The Lucid Shower Head consumes up to 35% less water, due to the small, yet powerful nozzles.

3 Modes

Our Shower Head is equipped with 3 modes (rainfall, jetting, massage) for ultimate comfort!

Removes Chemicals

Our Shower Head contains Maifan Stones and mineral balls, which removes harmful bacteria & chemicals.

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